Dance Education at Berlins international Academy

Dance Education program focus Contemporary Dance


Our international Academy offers a 3-year dance education program for Contemporary dance in Berlin. The international, versatile and creative program is officially approved. If your goal is to pursue dance as a profession, we will prepare you for a career in the field of performing arts.

The dance education is aimed at aspiring dancers who wish to study and turn their passionate hobby into a fulfilling and lucrative profession in the dance world. The program covers a wide range of dance styles ensuring a well-rounded foundation.

It is our aim to qualify you professionally as a dancer. Technically, theoretically and creatively.

As a future professional dancer, you will be provided with the know-how you need for the ever-increasing and diverse international requirements in the dance world.

We believe that dance is not only an art form, but also a powerful means of self-expression and communication.

Our modernized facilities, supportive community and performance opportunities will help you to develop professionally and build a successful career in the fascinating world of dance art. Join us on a challenging, fulfilling, exciting, but also strenuous journey completing your education at Balance 1 in Berlin.

Note:The 3-year full-time dance education program at our vocational school in Germany is officially approved by the Berlin Senate since 1996.

Are you interested to get to know us and the Academy personally before registering for the audition? We invite you to join one of our Open Days in May or November! You have the possibility to join and watch classes and inform yourself about everything you need to know.
Otherwise we offer personal visits only after having passed an audition with success during your reflection period, so the Academy does not get overcrowded too often!


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We believe that versatility is the key in today’s world, and the curriculum of our Contemporary dance education program reflects this.
It exposes you to a variety of techniques and movement vocabularies.
During your studies, it is important for you to build strong dance technique in addition to physical fitness.
Developing your individual and holistic movement language becomes equally important.

In your development, our international faculty of lecturers will always be at your side. As professional dancers and teachers, they have many years of experience in the dance field – all of them have been on stage or are on stage themselves, some of them also work as choreographers.
Thus we guarantee you a dynamically stimulating learning at the highest level.


During your dance studies, daily training in ballet is an important foundation for you to build a solid classical technique. In addition to ballet, the tuition of modern dance techniques focuses on Graham and Horton. A solid knowledge of these techniques will prepare you for the main focus of the education: learning the many different contemporary dance styles and movement concepts that characterize contemporary dance today. Your daily classes will include:

  • Classical Ballet
  • Contemporary Dance and Modern Dance

In addition, we complement the dance education with many other classes, such as:

  • Improvisation
  • Contact Improvisation
  • Partnering
  • Jazz dance
  • Commercial HipHop

Our training concept also emphasizes the importance of conditioning and injury prevention. We offer complementary classes in Pilates and Yoga to improve your physical fitness and minimize the risk of injury. You will deepen your knowledge of dance as an art form through further studies:

  • Applied anatomy
  • Dance Methodology
  • History of Dance
  • Composition
  • Choreography

Students arrive from many countries to attend the education program. Classes therefore are mostly held in english.


Study Structure

The Education Program at the Academy lasts three years, divided into six consecutive semesters with a final examination in the practical and theoretical subjects. Prerequisite for participation in the final examination are the successfully passed intermediate examinations at the end of the second and fourth semester.

Training takes place all day from Monday to Friday. The training-free periods are six weeks in summer, two weeks in autumn, three weeks at Christmas, and two weeks at Easter. Regular attendance at classes is a prerequisite for successful education at our Academy of Dance.
The first semester begins each year at the beginning of October.

Dance Degree

At the end of the dance studies, you will receive a dance diploma. The professional title is: state-approved stage dancer.

Note: We are an approved vocational academy of dance, but not a private college. The degree is therefore not a Bachelor of Arts (BA), which is only awarded by higher education institutions of arts only. However, the education content is comparable to an undergraduate European Bachelor program. Therefore, many higher education institutions accept the degree of our academy as an equivalent to the Bachelor of Arts. Thus, after successful graduation, with an equivalent of 180 ECTS credit points, it is possible for our graduates to apply for advanced dance or choreography specific Master of Arts programs at certain dance departments of higher education institutions.


Dance performance

Opportunities for performances

Performances are an essential part of a dancer’s studies. They allow students to share the art of dance with the world, connect with audiences, and gain valuable stage experience. At our Academy, we provide important performance opportunities for our emerging dancers. Our students have the chance to showcase their talent and shine in the spotlight. These performance opportunities not only allow you to apply and showcase the skills you have learned, but also help you grow as an artist of the performing arts. You will learn to adapt to different performance situations, work as part of a team, and handle the pressures of live performances.

Our academy also invites guest choreographers to create original pieces for our dancers to experience different choreographic styles and approaches. Through performances, you’ll gain confidence, stage presence, and a deeper understanding of the art of performance.

By the third semester, you’ll be creating your own first creative work in the form of a solo. You can also get a taste of the stage air in the theater: at the end of your fourth semester you will paticipate in the final projects of the third year of training and are directly involved in the development of their choreographies.

In the fifth semester, you will work together with your choreographers on your first professional dance performance: our Admission to Dance is performed publicly in Berlin every year in March. There you can finally demonstrate the full range of your dance skills and dance in many different choreographies.

Thanks to the cooperation of our academy with the renowned Ernst Busch Hochschule in Berlin, you will also have the exciting opportunity to work with future choreographers during your fifth semster: the students of the master choreography program.

Your final project as a dancer and choreographer

At the end of your 3rd year of training, you must of course first pass your final exam. But then you will come to the most exciting part of your education: in the sixth semester you will develop and rehearse your own choreography with your fellow students from the 2nd and 3rd year of training! Likewise, you will dance in choreographies of your graduate class.

The Graduate Students Choreographies, the official stage dance final projects, are the absolute highlight at the end of your dance education program and will be publicly performed as a full-length dance performance in the theater at the end of September in Berlin.


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