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The teaching concepts aim of our three-year dance education is the development into a technically, theoretically and creatively qualified dancer. We strive to provide future dancers the internationally high and diverse professional requirements demanded of today's stage dancers. The foundations for this are contemporary dance, modern dance techniques, ballet and jazz dance.

Dance Academy Balance 1
Professional Dance Academy in Berlin Germany

Are you looking for a way to turn your passion for dance into a profession? Then you have found the right place!
Our international Dance Academy Balance 1 is a professional dance academy with over 25 years of experience in the field
of dance education in Berlin, Germany.
Our dance training has been recognized by the Senate of Berlin in 1996.


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Dance Education at Dance Academy Balance 1

Do you see your future in the world of dance and all the world is a stage for you?
Inform yourself about our three-year dance education in Contemporary Dance and the audition requirements.
The new semester will start at the beginning of october 2023.
In case you cannot make it to one of our auditions, it is possible to audition online by video.
We are looking forward to your application!

Dance Pre-Education

Have you been dancing for quite some time already and plan to audition
for professional dance academies in the future?
But you still feel the need to prepare yourself better for the auditions?
Is your home town not offering the training possibilities you need to advance faster?
Then we invite you to apply for our dance pre-education.
You do need some technical background to apply,
and you do have to pass an audition for this opportunity!

Dance Intensive Balance 1

Are you looking for an exquisite dance training to explore your personal potential in a safe environment
and searching for the possibilty to train exclusively in a closed group over a period of time?
In this case we will be happy to welcome you in our 5-month Balance 1 Dance Intensive Program.
There is no age limit for this program and you don’t have to audition!
We are excited to receive your application!

Balance 1 Team and Dance Villa

The international Balance 1 team consists of professional dancers and choreographers who have many years of experience in the dance educational field. The dance studios are spread over three floors in a charming industrial villa, which has been gradually converted into the Balance Dance Villa since the early 90s.
The Dance Villa has a courtyard with bicycle stands and its own sun terrace to relax within walking distance of the Tempelhofer Hafen.

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