Admission Requirements Dance Education

Entry requirements: Pre-skills in Contemporary Dance and Classical Dance

To enter the dance education program, you should have previous experience in Contemporary Dance / Modern Dance and Classical Dance or Jazz dance. Your technical skills must be demonstrated at one of our auditions or via an audition online by video. Your show us your natural moving talent in a solo that your prepare for the audition (not longer than two minutes). The age limit is 26 years.

Formal requirements

  • a finished school education (you can hand in your school leaving certificate after your successful audition)
  • a medical attestation certifying physical suitability for dancing (can also be handed in after your successful audition)
  • you should be 16 years and above (under 18’s require a signed permit from their guardians)

Your application must include

  • a CV
  • Portrait photo
  • summarized report of dance experience
  • short personal statement why you want to be a dancer

Please fill out the application directly online and think about marking your favorite audition day.

Lateral entrance

A lateral entry after the beginning of a semester is possible. Please contact us for an extra audition date.

International dance students are welcome!

Our international dance program has welcomed students from different parts of the world since its founding andwe  love bringing diverse cultures together.
If you want to come to study Dance and live in Germany, we recommend you to take some german classes beforehand. You do need sufficient language skills in the english language. Lessons at the Dance Academy Balance 1 are held in english and german.

European applicants from countries indside the EU as well as citizens of Switzerland, Japan, Canada, Israel, USA, Australia and New Zealand do not need to apply for a student visa to Europe. You apply for your residence after entering Germany.

Applicants from countries outside of the EU who have passed the audition, the issue of a student VISA by the German embassy in their respective home countries is a condition to be admitted to the professional dance education.
Among other prerequisites for this VISA is proof of resources to finance education and living expenses in Germany. A student VISA does not include a work permit. Further questions concerning student VISA must be clarified with the German embassy of your country.
In case you come from a country from which no student visa can be issued, it could be an opportunity to audition at our cooperation partner Eurasia Dance Project International Network