Dance Audition for vocational Dance Training

Dance Audition at Dance Academy Balance 1

To be admitted to our vocational dance training, you need to attend one of our auditions.

At our class auditions you will participate in a ballet and modern/contemporary training (2x 90 minutes) of the dance training classes.
This way we can evaluate your technical knowledge and your ability to implement corrections.
It gives you the opportunity to get to know the atmosphere at our dance academy better and to talk to the dance students personally.
Afterwards, you will present a one to two minute solo that best showcases your natural movement qualities. Your solo should have been worked out independently by you, but can also include elements from combinations learned in a dance class.
Following the practical part, there will be a group information session about our dance education, where you can ask any questions that are on your mind.
After that, we will have a short one-on-one meeting with you so that we can get to know each other better personally.
At what time the audition ends exactly we can not predict 100%, because this always depends on the number of auditioners and the length of the individual interviews.

Audition dates 2023:

Friday, march10th, 2023
Friday, april 21st, 2023 
Friday, may 12th, 2023
Friday, june 9th, 2023

Please choose your favorite audition date and register one week before the audition at the the latest. In case you can’t make it to any audition date, please contact us or send us your Videoaudition!

Audition Fee

The audition fee of 30,- Euro is to be transferred to the bank account of the Dance Academy. Please write your name and audition date on the intended purpose and note that the fee is not refundable. You will then receive your invitation to audition.

Account holder: Tanzakademie balance 1
Bank: Berliner Volksbank
IBAN: DE04 1009 0000 2347 0980 03


You will be informed about the outcome of your audition about a week later by Email.
Please understand that a potential refusal will not be justified by us. It represents neither a personal evaluation nor a general statement about your suitability for a professional dance education.

Small guide for choosing your Dance Education

Nowadays, there are more dance trainings in Germany to choose from than there used to be. On your way to start a training as a dancer, the choice of the right Dance Training for you is crucial. Since the content and structure at each dance education differs somewhat, we advise you to audition at several, so you can find out for yourself where you would prefer to be trained. You can also get your first impressions via the websites and social media.

It is also important to know that there is a difference between indicated and recognized training centers, although both variants are entitled to BAföG (financial government student support gor german students). Fortunately, there are now several good Dance Trainings for stage dance in Germany that are recognized.

In case you are asked to sign a training contract immediately after an audition, always be careful! You do have the right to think about which Dance Academy you will choose.

Furthermore, if you are told that other dance education institutions would not be as high quality as the one you just auditioned for, caution is advised. Just imagine how bad it would be if there was only one good dance academy and all the others were bad! So don‘t let yourself be influenced by such statements. Always form your own opinion and learn to listen to your inner voice. Because that too is your right!